Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Works For Me Wednesday

I have really enjoyed reading other mom's blogs, such as We are THAT family.

But in the process I tend to neglect several of my motherly duties. (aka, sweeping, mopping, dishes, vacuuming, cleaning tubs and toilets, folding laundry, etc.) So, as a remedy I am trying to form new and useful habits.

Haley and I have started frequenting our local library, which is conveniently located less than 5 minutes away from our home. On Tuesdays at 2:30 they host a Mother Goose story time for babies from 4-18 months old. I went for the first time yesterday. It was a great time of singing and listening to stories. I am excited to get to know some of the other moms in the area.

While at the library I picked us some books for Haley. But, I also decided to branch out. I got a Raffi CD for her to listen to, and for us to dance around to together. Then I went searching for Harry Potter audio books. I have listened to maybe one or two audio books before while driving home from school and back, but it has been several years. I heard from some friends that the Harry Potter series made excellent audiobooks. I have recently re-read the first 6 books so I went looking for the 7th. Only the first two were there, so I decided to start from the beginning again.

I have already listened to the first 3 of the 7 CDs. It has been an incredible way to motivate me to do work around the house. I can listen while I cook, clean and organize. Jim Dale does an excellent job making the characters come to life, and I can feel a little less guilty about not talking to Haley since she's overhearing quality literature with me, and neither of us are wasting away in front of the television or computer screen just for the sake of getting some entertainments and feeling less lonely. I am excited to listen to the rest of the series, and then explore other Audiobooks (I saw the Chronicles of Narnia, and a few other classics I want to listen too. They even have Junie B. Jones for when Haley gets old enough to really listen along.)

I never knew that audiobooks would Work for Me!


Erin said...

Audio books are wonderful! Its amazing how much easier work is when there's a distraction. When I do my chores after the kids are in bed, I listen to podcasts on my iPod and if I finish my chores before the podcast is over, I end up looking for more things to do, lol!

my guardian angel drives a pick up truck said...

Vanessa-I have the Narnia series on CD. They're very entertaining! You can borrow them anytime! Also, I LOVE Raffi!