Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Baby it's cold outside!

Who would have guessed that our humble little mountains would be receiving nearly a foot of snow just a week before Christmas. (and just days before winter). But alas, last Friday the snow began to fall, and fall, until it coated our little mountain and created a true winter wonderland.

We decided to venture into the snow with Haley on Friday afternoon. Singing "If all the snow flakes were ice cream and milk shakes oh what a snow that would be."
She didn't really know what to think about the cold white flurries.
But she was definitely bundled for the occasion. Reminiscent of A Christmas Story.
The next day we got bundled again and headed to out friends house. We of course traveled on foot since the roads were not plowed and we had no chance of getting out car up the driveway.
The snow was quite lovely on our walk.
We built a super sledder snowman. He was lovely and rotund.
Haley joined her daddy inside to watch the game.
Although many people insistd that we should take her sledding, Zach and I decided it would be best to wait until she can at least sit up.

On Sunday we stayed inside in out PJs all day after church and the relocated church Christmas party were cancelled.

On Monday Zach couldn't get to work so we went for a walk around town.
Most of the streets were plowed, so this cop was busy at work ensuring that no one sped through the intersection...
Actually this is just an excellent example of how the cops in our town leave cars at random locations to scare residents and vacationers into slowing down. This car even has a dummy in the drivers seat, but I couldn't get a good photo due to the glare. I love my town.
The icicles on this roof were lovely.
Haley and I went on a quest for a good snow shovel, when we returned we watched Zach clear a path so he could go to work the next day and so we could get out and go to the grocery store.
Haley tried snow. She was pleased.
I tried to assist in the shoveling process, but my attempts were weak in comparison. Luckily right as Zach finished clearing a path, a neighbor with a backhoe offered to clear the entire driveway for free. Not the best timing, but an appreciated service all the same. When he was done we returned the shovel and finally made it to the grocery store.

I leave you with the outfit Haley was going to wear for tacky Christmas bowling.
I realized it's hard for a baby to be tacky since they're so darn cute in everything.
and with a sneak peak at her Christmas loot, complete with Christmas Eve pajamas...


Michelle said...

Oooo.. I am terribly jealous. It hardly ever snows in the South. And I love the snow!

Cyndi's Techno notes said...

WOW!! Looks like you were having a great time!! You know we are all jealous here in Atlanta. Haley is simply adorable in her first snow- GREAT pics. You are so right there is no way that baby can be tacky!!! Oh so cute!!!
Oh by the way you look pretty good yourself!!!