Wednesday, December 2, 2009

I'm a mom... and that's enough!

The inevitable question always pops up, although in a variety of ways: what do you do? are you back at work? where do you work? ...
I hate feeling like I have to qualify being a mom. (Well, I was waiting tables and substituting to get my foot in the door in my school system... And I'm working on my masters, I just didn't like the school I taught at for a year... but I wouldn't make enough for childcare waiting tables , and I probably wouldn't have been hired because of the funding cuts in schools anyways....and I'm in charge of children's ministries at my church so I am technically working even if it's only a few hours a week. )
Why can't I just say, I'm a mom. It is my job and it is valuable. Zach and I agree that we want our kids to be raised by their mother, not a nanny or day care service (but please know that I am not nocking that either, I know several wonderful moms who are also career women, it's just not what we've chosen for our family)
I have every intention of staying at home with my kids until they are all in school ?(and then hopefully Ill be teaching at their school and have the same breaks etc.) Unless I decide to homeschool the first few years and keep them longer.
It's one of the demons greatest tricks to try to convince mothers that their work is not of any worth.
Judging by the worlds standards there will always be someone who is better at the mom stuff, who spends more time playing with their kid or reading to their kid. Someone who cooks better meals or keeps the house cleaner. Someone who wakes up early each morning and pus on a nice outfit, reads a book and takes better care of them self in addition to taking care of their entire family. Thee will always be craftier moms, more creative moms, mom's who are better at discipline teaching, and keeping their kid healthy and well behaved.
I may not be the best mom, and I may be able to do better, but so far I think I'm doing pretty well.
And then I look at God's standard. I look at all the selfishness and sin in my life. Becoming a mother is incredibly humbling. And I know that even if the world sees me and says "good job", God can see into my heart, and knows that I definitely don't have it all together.
But why do i think having a better job title would improve my status.
I'm pretty sure Mary was a stay at home mom, and she raised Jesus. There's got to be some value in that.
In fact I would say being a wife and raising kids are the most important things I will ever do. So from now on I am going to try to be better at letting that be enough. it's not going to be my salvation, It can;t let it be the center of my universe, but it is enough. There is more value in this job than I can understand now.

I am a student, a daughter, a church member, a student, a teacher. but more importantly I am a Christian, a Wife , a MOM.


Anonymous said...


I plan to be a mom and just a mom too when the day arrives that I had a child, and when I tell people that the typical response that I get is "oh, you'll change your mind, when your stuck at home all day"
call me silly by my mom was a mom too and I don't recall being stuck at home all day...

I think you are awsome for doing all that you do.

-Laura Ruby Robertson

Kara @ KSS said...

I think it's awesome that you get to stay home with Haley. I won't be staying home with Krew for multiple reasons, but I think it's great when mothers have the opportunity and it's something they want to do. More power to ya. :)

Anonymous said...

As your aunt and Haley's great-aunt, I am thankful that you are a stay at home mom. Being mother to your cousins is the greatest thing that God has allowed me to do. You have one of the hardest, yet most rewarding jobs ever and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Love ya, Aunt Jobeth

JustLikeJune said...

What a beautiful post!