Friday, December 18, 2009

4 month milestones

Haley at 4 months
Weight: 14lbs. 12 oz.
Height: 25 3/4 in.

In the past month Haley has accomplished several things, tried many new things, and really let her personality shine through. Here are some of my favorites.

She has rolled over 3 random times (front to back, the first time on Nov.28th), although I'm not sure if they all "counted" especially since 2 of them were without us looking. She has started sleeping longer through the night (up to 7 hours straight, but usually more like 5) and taking longer naps most days, even up to 3 hours. Her daddy even made her giggle for the first time on Nov. 29th, but it's still not a common occurrence. She prefers the quiet, but lovely smile.

She sticks out her pointy tongue, blows spit bubbles, has mastered the pouty face, keeps her legs tucked in to her chest when you pick her up if she's sleepy or just waking up, grabs her toes, puts her bum up in the air when you're changing her diaper, stares at her mobile over her changing table like it's her best friend, follows her "friends" in the mobile over her bassinet with serious focus, and looks for the source of the music or loud noises she hears. She takes little breaks while she's eating to stare at me and smile; she also opens her mouth wide and throws her body at things while she chomps whenever she sees something she wants to sink her gums into.

She is still business in the front, and party in the back!

She has started grabbing for food, she got a good handful of sour cream at Zach's company dinner the other night. She has also started grabbing hair, I'm trying to teach her what "let go" means, and I've already packed away all my dangly earrings. She also has started (just in the last few days as a 3 month old) to kind of reach out her hands for me, like she wants a hug, or to be held. That is one of the absolute best feelings I think a mom can get. She no longer just needs me, she wants me too.

She grabs for her lion friend on her bouncy seat like a pro. It's the one that plays music so she loves it. She even lets the hippo and monkey rattles in on the action. She also strains her head in determination to sit up in her reclined seat. She loves sitting on the couch next to people.

She grabs the binky out of her mouth, then gets mad that it's gone, and often chews on the side, or find a way to get it back again, even if that means rolling or squirming to where she can suck it back into her mouth.

I love our precious time in the morning. She wakes up so happy. And before she wakes up she spend a few minutes rubbing her hands over her eye's and squirming, as if deciding if she wants to go back to sleep or not. In the morning, after a new diaper (if needed) we spend about 30 minutes or so playing in the bed. She's so smiley in the morning, she just beams up at me, especially when I pull her to standing, when I make her fly, or when I hang her upside down and turn her in slow flips.

She has started babbling more too, I love the little noise she makes that sounds like she needs to poo. I really enjoy hearing her get involved in conversations. She's had some fun new cries and squirmy noises too.

I love the way she gets sweat bubbles on her nose if she's too hot, and the way her hands are always cold. I love the way she cries a few real tears.

I also think she has started teething judging by the increase in spit, and the way she sticks everything in her mouth so she can gnaw on it.

I even love when she is high maintenance. She is usually pretty chill, but is happiest when someone is walking around bouncing her. If she is upset or lonely than she will not rest until she knows that someone is working hard to remedy whatever is bothering her. She also sleeps on a college schedule, which I can't complain about too much because I love sleeping in until 9:30 or 10:00. It's the going to sleep around 11:00 and the late night that last 'til morning that get me.

Sadly, a few things are starting to go away, like her startle reflex, or the way she would search for her food with her eyes closed and lips pursed.

She has tried new things. like facing forward in her snuggli, bouncing in the jump chair that was passed down from Oliver, and sitting in her bumbo seat. Instead of just sitting in our hands she now stands in them too (over the bed though, I'm not as brave as my friend Erin). She has even started the night sleeping in her crib, in her own room (she would have been fine to start sooner, but I would have missed her too much. She also still ends up in our bed most mornings, especially after Zach goes to work, it's just more convenient, and I love the snuggle time.)

Every day Haley does new and incredible things, and I look forward to sharing them with you all. If you're interested you can also see what she's already done.

Check back soon because I have pictures of some fun things big 4 month olds get to do.

5 more minutes mom!

I love my toes!

Jumpy seat

Look! I'm as tall as Daddy.


Hi Lion!

I'll give you one sheep for two ore.
Haley is becoming a pro at Settlers of Catan

Lift, and ready for a new diaper

Pointy Tongue

I just want to sit up!

Chillin' with Jim

I turned back from doing laundry and Haley was no longer on her tummy.

My teeth hurt!

There are my toes again.

See! Aren't they great toes.

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