Sunday, December 13, 2009

4 month pictures

Haley turned 4 months old on December 11th (A day after my Mom and John's 10th anniversary... congratulations!)
I think I have finally decided on my monthly pictures. but you can compare her growth to the scattered shots from the hospital, and the last 3 monthdays here. This baby sure is getting big.

In her white gown on her Bethan blanket

In a diaper in the basket chair

In a diaper with her elephant and her Rebecca blanket

In a cute outfit with the elephant and a sign

I imaging that after a year I will reduce this to a semi-annual picture with her elephant and an annual picture in a white dress (probably at least one of those in the green basket chair)

You can expect a post about her milestones and new developments in the next day or two. It's fun to look at all the things she's accomplished and started doing in the last month.


Cyndi's Techno notes said...

Okay she is just to darn cute. I want to play!!!

Bethan said...

how is she this old?! i miss her!