Sunday, December 13, 2009

Buying Diapers

So, Zach and I bought diapers for the first time. Up until now we have been using the ones we were given as gifts. We started running low and decided to buy 12 more cloth diapers. We had 8. I was using them for 2 days, just at home during the day, then washing and drying (on the rack when possible) for a day. I am glad that I can wash them every 2 days, but have enough to tie over without depleting the remaining supply of disposable diapers.

I am still loving the bum genuis 3.0. I'll tell you why.

They are easy to use and easy to wash. They keep Haley comparatively dry. She has yet to have a true blow out in them, but has leaked a little wetness when I neglected to change her in a timely manner (aka not changed her after 2 middle of the night feeding, oops!)

One huge plus of a cloth diaper is that if Haley soils it before I even get it fully on her, it feels like less of a waste. With a cloth diaper I just add it to the wash bin, with a disposable, I place it in the trash, never to be used again, only having been out of the package for about 5 seconds. For some reason that just depresses me a little. It's wasteful but I feel too guilty putting a diaper on Haley that she has already wet, even if it's just a little.

Also, I just love all the fun colors. We decided not to get many more pink ones in case Haley's next sibling is a little brother. (Even though, he will probably wear the pink ones too, just covered by cute manly pj's.) These are diapers I will be happy to let Haley run around in when it gets warmer, and we have fun with them. I like letting Haley pick which color to wear next, or trying to decide which color best matches her outfit.

The main gripes I've heard about cloth diapers are the stink factor and how big they make babies bum look. Well, so far the stink has not been to bad, it washes out just fine, and in the nursery it is contained to the diaper bucket (which I wash out every 3 cycles or so). But, ask me again once Haley is steadily eating solids and I may be singing a different tune. As for the big bum, I actually think it's pretty cute, and I imagine it will be an appreciated extra layer of padding when Haley starts toddling.

So without further ado - our new complete diaper supply. :)

They recommend 24, but since we aren't using them exclusively yet 20 should be sufficient. Plus buying 20 was enough of a splurge for one month. But if we really don't need to buy other diapers we will have saved a bundle.
Next thing to investigate, reusable wipes.

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Lauren Pinion said...

Vanessa, I have enjoyed reading your blog! You make me want to brave into the cloth diaper world. Since Daniel is almost 11 months and diapers have slowed down a bit. Thanks for all the info!!