Friday, December 4, 2009

Daddy's Girl

It's Brag Time...

I love reading other mom blogs but I often come across posts where people are venting about their husbands. And while I have my moments when I want to vent too (like about the whale tub, or Zach being gone to work so often) I realize that I am incredibly blessed. Se here are my top 10 reasons why I have the greatest Husband a girl could ask for.

And as you can see by the pictures that follow Haley is well on her way to becoming a Daddy's girl.

1. This guy can change a diaper. The nurses in the hospital were impressed with his diaper chnging skills. Most of the time I don't even have to ask (sometimes when he's leaving for work I have to ask, but unless he's running late he's always willing to oblige). On most weekends I don't even see a dirty diaper until after his bed time. He's also great about giving Haley her bath if I ask him to.

2. Zach love's playing with Haley. He loves flying her overhead or just snuggling with her and taking naps. It's so sweet. He even made her giggle a little a few nights ago. Speaking of nights, he is happy to get up with her in the middle of the night. (Now he works and I don't so I'm usually up with her, I don't want him losing fingers on account of losing sleep. And, luckily he could sleep through just about anything, but if I'm overwhelmed or over tired I can shake him awake and he'll fill in.)

3. At the end of a long day on both our parts, when Haley is taking her late nap and he finally have some free time, Zach is almost always willing to watch what I want to watch, even if that means suffering through the biggest loser. Our favorites to watch together are House and Modern Family. He also scoops the ice cream for our movie dates.

4. When I'm gone to class on Monday nights Zach fills in as super dad after work. On day I got home to find all the chores done in addition to a happy sleeping baby. I was supper impressed (and I felt a little guilty). Zach performs these duties when I need to get out of the house too, 2 Sunday's ago I went to see Blind Side with 2 friends after church. It was great.

5. Zach also take Haley out on occasion so i can have the house to myself. Usually he crosses some of my errands off the list in the process. Thank you Ingles.

6. Zach is patient. Which helps because I can be obnoxious. He has grown accustomed to my persistent picture taking, and my frequent request for pictures of me with Haley. He listens to my constant rambling after a day full of one sided conversation. He even puts up with the silly names I give him, Thank you Papa Bear.

7. Zach works usually more than 40 hours a week to make sure we have everything we need. He is an excellent provider. He wakes up at 5:30 on most morning since his company works four 10 hour days instead of five 8 hour days. Then when he's home he make sure to provide the love and time we need before waking up and doing it again. He also provides a feeling of safety to his overly paranoid wife. (luckily Haley's to young to have phobias.)

8. He's Handy. He cleans up, does tons of dishes, puts in shelfs and is in the process of building book shelves. He already built our bed, next on the list, a new coffee table.

9. He encourages me to read scripture and prays wit me. He offers me the much needed guidance I need and leads through example of reading and listening to podcasts, and basically just delving into the Gospel.

10. He lets me know that what I do is valuable in staying at home with Haley. He wants me at home and will do whatever is necessary to make sure that I can be at home to raise our little girl.