Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh Poop!

For 5 days Haley didn't poop.
We were worried after 1 day.
Called the family Nurse Practitioner after 2.
We learned that older breast fed babies can go 10-14 days without pooping before needing to be concerned. who knew?
During the 5 days I cautiously watched every diaper and was amazed as each poot grew stinkier and stinkier.
On the 5th day I was out to eat with some of my family and... BLOW OUT!
It was like liquidy clay, most impressive. All over her leg, her back, her feet, EVERYWHERE.

And me being the genius mom that I am had decided earlier in the day to dress her in her back up diaper bag outfit, because it was cute, and didn't deserve to be stuck in a bag.
So... Haley spent the rest of the meal in her jacket and a diaper. It's a good thing she waited another day to release the 5 days worth of poop. So now I no longer have to worry.
Well done baby girl, well done!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Christmas Movies

Thanksgiving has come and gone so it's officially christmas season. To get the ball rolling...

My top 10 Christmas Movies
I am so excited to introduce Haley to these over the next several years. I hope she will find as much joy in the season as I do.

1. Love Actually - I now watch this every Christmas. It's sweet and funny and fun to watch while snuggling under a warm blanket.
Product Details
2. The Santa Clause - This one makes Christmas come alive in beautiful ways.
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3. Home Alone - The first one's a classic for the whole family, but I really love the first three.
Product DetailsProduct Details
4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas - My favorite animated classic
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5. Miracle on 34th St. - This movie didn't need a remake, but I really enjoy both versions.
Product DetailsProduct Details
6. It's a Wonderful Life - A true classic. I watched this for the first time last Christmas and I can see why it's a favorite.
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7. The Family Stone - A feel good family movie about the holidays
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8. The Holiday- A sweet holiday romance. This one makes me smile. I didn't like Jude laws character until about half way through the movie, then loved him. Jack Black's character reminds me of a friend.
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9. A Christmas Story - TV Classic. This one's funny but better watched every few Christmases.
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10. Elf - Will Farrel is hilarious (although sometimes over the top). This also has my favorite version of "baby it's cold outside."
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Honorable Mentions...
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Give Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

In a nutshell I am thankful for...

The Father, Son and Holy Ghost
My loving husband
My lovely little girl
Being able to stay at home with my little girl
My family old and new. The 30 folks on my side and the sprawl of folks on Zach's side
Friends, especially the ones who may as well be family
The convenience of having the internet at home
Earrings because make me feeel pretty
Cell phones that store all my numbers so that I don't have to
Digital Photos, because 2,000 photos x 10 cents per photo + film = ridiculous
and finally...
The fact that anything looks cute on a onesie

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Haley's taking over

I have never been one to make the bed. It seems frivolous when you just get right back under the sheets. But lately when Haley and I come to bed at night Zach has the sheets and blankets covering him at a diagonal, one corner at his head and the opposite corner at his toes. Leaving me with one tiny corner for myself, instead of a full side. Now I know he's tall, but come on.
So,to stop the insanity of rearranging the sheets at midnight; stealing them away from my slumbering husband, and trying to get the sheets ribbon side up. I have started making the bed when I'm playing with Haley in the morning. She loves the feel of the sheets and is very content to watch them fly in the air as she sits propped against the pillows. We better be careful though because from the looks of things Haley is taking over.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Advent Conspiracy

For the last 3 Sunday's my church has played this video. One small group has pledged to raise 3,000 dollars to refurbish a well in Sierra Leon. They are inspired by Advent Conspiracy, and working through living water. The main idea... give presence. 

Here are the 4 key concepts
Worship Fully- worship Jesus. He's the reason for the season
Spend Less- it's not anti gifts, just anti obligation gifts. Give the meaningful gifts, or make something they'll love. 
Give More- Time that is. The people who love you will appreciate it more than any things. 
Love All- Love those who are less fortunate. Like Jesus focus on the ragamuffins. 

Why  Sierra Leone? 
Sierra Leone is located on the West African coast. The infant mortality rate is 15.4% and the life expectancy is 41.2 (numbers from

Living Water is also a solid charity. it received four of four stars from charity navigator

So how is this affecting us this Christmas? We are trying to spend less on gifts. (which we were honestly going to have to do anyways now that Haley is here) and we are trying to find more ways to spend quality time with people we love. I am also trying to make more meaningful gifts. I will post some of these ideas later. 
My mom's side of the family already does a secret santa exchange so there are less people to give too, but I'm going to pitch some ideas to them when we get together for Thanksgiving. I would love to see gifts of giving to those in need in place of regular gift giving. Like maybe a group effort of packing boxes for Operation Christmas Child, or providing Christmas or Thanksgiving to someone else who otherwise would not have a nice holiday. I would even love to go serve as a family at a shelter somewhere. I will try to list some more concrete ideas soon. 
Zach and I are also letting people know that in lieu of some gifts we would be happy to have people give to living water. If everyone gave and received one less gift it would make a huge difference. 

Saturday, November 21, 2009


I am addicted... to chocolate
I just can't seem to curb the sweet tooth. I love choclate milk, chocolate chip cookies, Bryer's chocolate ice cream, chocolate pudding pie, and mint chocolates. I love it all. Nothing quite like chocolate to kick to blues when Haley's having a fussy day.

Another recent addiction... where I watch my favorite shows. I have been following

Speaking of biggest loser. Wouldn't it be great to lose a little weight.

I have used Jillian Michael's 30 day shred video before and I love it. I even got Zach to do it with me once in our old apt. It was pretty comical to try to fit two bodies between the TV and the futon while trying to do pushups and crunches.
Apparently Jillian has come out with a new game (Fitness Ultimatum 2010) for the Wii Fit plus. The rookie moms are giving away one game and Wii fit plus console. Now I am not a big fan of video games in general, I enjoy them on occasion but am content to not own any. That said if I were going to own a video game console this is the one I would want.
Wouldn't it be fun to win a Wii fit plus, and then have a game where Jillian Michaels kicked my butt as if I were on biggest loser, to make up for all that chocolate (see, it all tied in at the end)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Around Town

Haley and I went for a walk a few days ago and I decided to capture images of some of my favorite sight. Then I played with the color editing on my computer. So fun!
I really like this house, I think it's lovely
A quaint small town inn
lovely autumn leaves
Moment coffehouse
The Drip!
another inn
I just love red
This makes me giggle every time
Is it a house or a church? the debate continues
I would love to have a porch like this one day
sweet pumpkins
I'm a big fan of this random bench
I really enjoy these red trucks in front of the red tree. (I have a thing for red)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Haley's First Hike

We took Haley on her first hiking adventure, to Craggy, when her Gramma and Geoff came to visit. I realized that I am incredibly out of shape. I was prepared for a cold fall hike, we brought scarves, hats, and blankets, and left Haley in her warm fleecy pajamas. It ended up being incredibly warm, I thought I was prepared for it all, oops! Maybe I misses that day of girl scouts.
People gather in the Blue Ridge Mountains in October to see the leaves changing colors. The golden yellows and burnt reds paint beautiful pictures across the landscape. This year we spent most of our weekends out of town for ultimate tournaments, we fled from the mountains as many people flocked in. We decided that next year we will definitely stay in town to actually enjoy one of the most beautiful seasons that God has to offer, and the change is happening in our own back yard.
It started with daddy getting Haley tucked into her Snuggli.
Then, we headed through the canopy of trees towards craggy.
We passed a beautiful tree,
and pretty red leaves.
We went to a lower peak because the top was so crowded. It was just as beautiful (although not a 360 view) and we wear alone most of the time.
Gramma kept Haley out of the sun with momma's scarf.
In Daddy's arms.
What a sweet face.
A giggling group of Hikers ready to go home... but only after dinner in Asheville, yumm!

Happy Parents!
Gramma got to carry Haley down the mountain,

and out through the trees. This is my favorite part of the hike, it's just lovely, and I feel like I'm walking into a fairy tale.
Toasty Haley, fast asleep in gramma's arms.
We stopped on the way home so Haley could eat and we could explore the leaves,
lovely yellows,
beautiful deep reds,
Haley was in awe :)