Thursday, December 3, 2009

Images of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Photos are finally here!
Haley checking out Meme's Christmas Tree after Zach helped put it up. All 12 feet of it.
Uncle A turned Haley into a cabbage patch kid.
Averie loves little Haley
Jeremiah, Abby, and Patrick in their graduation gifts from Afghanistan.
The two youngest family members checking each other out.
The Feast
Sweet Brandon read his Thanksgiving poem.
John introduced us to his new dog Joe.
Turkey day outfit.
The girls were showing off their watermelon dresses.
When I was Haley's age there were lots of pictures of me with my cousins in matching outfits. It was Rosa, Ferabee, Heather, Christina and I matching, and Casey as the only boy. Now Brandon (Casey's son) gets to be the only boy in a matching sea of girls.

The girls: Sydney, Mandi, Haley, Averie, Megan
Oops! (I love that Megan would only sit for the picture after her brother Brandon bribed her with his video game)
Santa came to visit! Haley was not particularly impressed. But at least she wasn't scared.
Haley opened her first Christmas presents.
We celebrate Christmas as a family at Thanksgiving since it's when we're all together. Everyone over 10 picks names for a gift exchange. Everyone under 10 gets all kinds of stuff. Later that night we also did our smaller family Christmas. Here's the Loot.
Haley got lots of toys and books and a mirror for the car. She loves the piano.
I got yarn and a crochet book, Zach got gift certificates for books. Then we both Got a Wii from my sister, and I got the Wii fit plus from my mom, with the Jillian Michaels game. Sweet!
The whole family (except Lance and Megan are kind of hidden, and Rosa wasn't able to be there)
The grandkids & great grandkids with Nana
Haley in Uncle A's hat
Haley with Aunt Christina and Kevin
This being thankful stuff is hard work!
Haley got to meet some of my friends from High School when we went to lunch at Fellini's.
Nana and Haley spend the afternoon playing in the bed. What a cute little great granny
4 generations (plus a blanket from the 5th generation up, my great granny made it for me.)
4 generations again.
Happy little family
We went to lunch with my half brother and sister Tracy and Ivan
I think they likes their little neice. (Even if she did have an amazing blow out)

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