Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Images of Christmas

Here are some more pictures of Haley's first Christmas

The family gathered together on Christmas Eve
Haley was having a rough night. She was so tired.

Haley's cute elf tights.

Haley playing with her Daddy.

Bo was trying to dissect the horesasaurus.

Haley in her Christmas PJs, excited about sleepy time.

Bringing in Christmas morning with style.

Sirin's turn to help Haley open a present.

Zach reading his little Goose one of her Christmas books.

This was Haley's favorite gift of all.

Haley attacking her uncle Josh.

Brennan, the Giant blue inch worm

Gathering around the computer to talk to Haley's gramma.

London calling... (well, Lewis actually)

The "we can't hear you" signal

Haley loves her uncle B.

She also loves Grabby and her Christmas ornaments.

Playing with the kitten.

Brennan read her a Christmas classic. She was so cute in her Christmas dress (which was mine as a baby)

One big Happy Family

Unfortunately I can not take credit or all of these photos, about half of them were taken by Haley's favorite grandpa. Thanks!

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