Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh Poop!

For 5 days Haley didn't poop.
We were worried after 1 day.
Called the family Nurse Practitioner after 2.
We learned that older breast fed babies can go 10-14 days without pooping before needing to be concerned. who knew?
During the 5 days I cautiously watched every diaper and was amazed as each poot grew stinkier and stinkier.
On the 5th day I was out to eat with some of my family and... BLOW OUT!
It was like liquidy clay, most impressive. All over her leg, her back, her feet, EVERYWHERE.

And me being the genius mom that I am had decided earlier in the day to dress her in her back up diaper bag outfit, because it was cute, and didn't deserve to be stuck in a bag.
So... Haley spent the rest of the meal in her jacket and a diaper. It's a good thing she waited another day to release the 5 days worth of poop. So now I no longer have to worry.
Well done baby girl, well done!


Kara @ KSS said...

Hahahaha thanks for sharing the pic, Vanessa. ;)

Sarah said...

oh NO! Will it come out of everything?? Glad she went, I guess...

Lindsay said...

THOSE are the onesies I remember THROWING AWAY with my other kiddos!! Ewwwwww. :-)

And responding to the comment you left me - I asked the doc and he didn't seem concerned with reflux or heartburn...but we'll see what happens in another 4 weeks when she has to go in for a weight check. Until then I guess we just stock up on our burp TOWELS!! :-)