Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bath Time

Haley used to hate baths.
This was her first bath, in the hospital. She screamed the whole time. Zach was bathing her with the nurse and he felt terrible. I was taking pictures and saying "awww..." He gave me a small guilt trip about that.
Then we got home and it was my turn. Haley hated the sponge bath's she got until her cord fell off. That thing took forever. I think she only got about 4 of these baths, about once a week. The first time I bathed her she screamed the whole time, I broke down in tears because I felt so bad for making her cold and miserable. Touche Zach!
Now when we're at home we usually wash Haley in the safety first foldable tub we are borrowing from Travis and Hanna. It's not my favorite but it gets the job done. If we had any good sinks for bath time we'd probably use those, but our sinks just aren't ideal. I really want the Whale of a Tub. I actually bought one, but Zach wanted me to return it because we already have something to use and it's not a must have. But the one we're using doesn't have a basin and Haley is quickly outgrowing it. Plus I don't like how she rests her head on the folds sometimes. But I digress.
Haley had her first sink bath when we were at nationals. She love it. She just loves bath time in general now that she can sit in the warm water. I will be excited when she can sit up on her own and stay in and play for a little while. Bath time is quickly becoming one of my favorite times. I also like to try to give her a little massage after, but only if she's staying warm and happy.

Bath time products I love...
For washing:
Aveeno Baby wash and shampoo
Johnson's bedtime bath and bedtime lotion
For Drying:

Hooded Towels (although as you can see she has almost outgrown the infant size.)
For Temperature Control
Munchkin Hot Duck

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Bethan said...

i love bathing babies. glad she likes the bath now!