Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Baby Wearing

So one thing I've found out while being pregnant is that Baby Wearing is a big deal. Baby Wearing is a really big deal. It's fun because it's almost like being pregnant again, but not a permanent condition. Even better, dad's can do it too.

There are all sorts of parent benefits; there's convenience in being able to hold your baby and have your hands free to do dishes or laundry etc., the ability to do some exercise- squats and lunges anyone, and wonderful opportunities for bonding and closeness. There are also documented benefits for babies, wearing your baby makes her happier happier, promotes physical, emotional, and intellectual development, gives baby security, and eases crying and colic

But its also important to be safe: Aka use common sense, makes sure the baby is secure and won't fall out, be aware of hot things and anything baby could run into, like door frames, and make sure you don't hurt your back.
Thee are also a large variety of ways to wear your baby

Here are the one's I've tried.

The Sling
Haley is not a huge fan of her sling. She liked it for about 2 weeks but now I struggle to get her in it. It is incredibly convenient though, since you just throw it over your shoulder and you're ready to go.

The Soft Carrier
We have a Snugli, but Baby Bjorn is another popular carrier, and there are several other options out there.
This one is kind of quick to put on once you figure it out, but it can be pretty tricky at first. I like the pocket that I can carry stuff in if we go on walks. Haley seems pretty comfortable in it and now that she holds her head up well she can face out, which means she can see even more of the world.

The Wrap
I have a Moby Wrap which I love. Another neat looking one with a few more features is My Baby Nest.
Mine's just brown, so it almost looks like I'm just wearing a shirt when I have it on. The straps are wide so it's comfortable and it's secure since there are no straps or buckles that can break. Haley tends to fuss while I put her in it, but then she loves it once she's secure. She almost always falls asleep when she's in it.
Getting the wrap on can be a bit of a hassle and takes some time but I think it's worth it. If I had to keep just one carrier I think this would be my choice. It is versatile and has several hold options as well as kangaroo care (which is skin to skin baby wearing). It comes with a great book full of carries and tips, even exercises to do with your baby.
But you could probably make one for less money if you wanted, and the information is available online.

The Backpack
Kelty TC 1.1 Carrier baby backpack
Ok, so we haven't used a framed backpack yet, but we would love to get one for Christmas. My friends use one with their 20 month old daughter and she does great in it. It's also great because you can carry other stuff for a day hike.

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Kara @ KSS said...

Well I've got the sling and the bjorn. No wrap, although it looks very interesting. I wasn't aware of the wrap.