Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Haley's taking over

I have never been one to make the bed. It seems frivolous when you just get right back under the sheets. But lately when Haley and I come to bed at night Zach has the sheets and blankets covering him at a diagonal, one corner at his head and the opposite corner at his toes. Leaving me with one tiny corner for myself, instead of a full side. Now I know he's tall, but come on.
So,to stop the insanity of rearranging the sheets at midnight; stealing them away from my slumbering husband, and trying to get the sheets ribbon side up. I have started making the bed when I'm playing with Haley in the morning. She loves the feel of the sheets and is very content to watch them fly in the air as she sits propped against the pillows. We better be careful though because from the looks of things Haley is taking over.

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