Monday, November 2, 2009

Frisbee Baby goes to Nationals!

Haley's Dad is one of the best frisbee players in the country, he plays for Ring of Fire. These guys are great!
Haley went to her first tournament when she was two and a half weeks old. I decided that since she had three more tournaments to go to, she may as well dress the part. So I made her 2 onesies, one with the logo and another that says my daddy's #1 (because he is, in our hearts and on the field)

Before nationals I decided to make her a throwback fire jersey to watch the players, and a long sleeved ring jersey because it's November so it would make since for it to be cold, right?

Well It wasn't cold, it was in the 90's all 3 days we were at Nationals, but at least we were able to stay in the shade and Haley didn't get sunburned again. Check her out in her shades.
She did however spend time with her uncle Josh and learn to hold a frisbee. Watch out folks, she'll have a hammer in no time.

Resting after a long day at the fields
Haley supports the team even in her sleep
Haley loved watching the guys in their fire jerseys
We played fantasy ultimate. Haley won it for me with this move right here.
Here is Haley with Uncle Josh and best friend (KP)
And with an uncle around, and Debbie, Christina, and Kara I actually got to take a few photos of the games. This one was probably the best. Whoever says ultimate is not a sport, just check out some more photos, these guys are ridiculously athletic.

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Lisa Turner said...


How wonderful! I love seeing you and what your beautiful family is doing. Your blog is great and sooo much better than filling out a baby book. How times have changed. It is wonderful seeing your creativity expressed in so many ways! I am making sure my girls have your blog site!
xoxo Lisa