Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Haley's First Hike

We took Haley on her first hiking adventure, to Craggy, when her Gramma and Geoff came to visit. I realized that I am incredibly out of shape. I was prepared for a cold fall hike, we brought scarves, hats, and blankets, and left Haley in her warm fleecy pajamas. It ended up being incredibly warm, I thought I was prepared for it all, oops! Maybe I misses that day of girl scouts.
People gather in the Blue Ridge Mountains in October to see the leaves changing colors. The golden yellows and burnt reds paint beautiful pictures across the landscape. This year we spent most of our weekends out of town for ultimate tournaments, we fled from the mountains as many people flocked in. We decided that next year we will definitely stay in town to actually enjoy one of the most beautiful seasons that God has to offer, and the change is happening in our own back yard.
It started with daddy getting Haley tucked into her Snuggli.
Then, we headed through the canopy of trees towards craggy.
We passed a beautiful tree,
and pretty red leaves.
We went to a lower peak because the top was so crowded. It was just as beautiful (although not a 360 view) and we wear alone most of the time.
Gramma kept Haley out of the sun with momma's scarf.
In Daddy's arms.
What a sweet face.
A giggling group of Hikers ready to go home... but only after dinner in Asheville, yumm!

Happy Parents!
Gramma got to carry Haley down the mountain,

and out through the trees. This is my favorite part of the hike, it's just lovely, and I feel like I'm walking into a fairy tale.
Toasty Haley, fast asleep in gramma's arms.
We stopped on the way home so Haley could eat and we could explore the leaves,
lovely yellows,
beautiful deep reds,
Haley was in awe :)

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