Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Taming the spit up beast

Haley can be exorcist like when it comes to spit up. Here she is, just barely a month old, showing that she means business. My favorite burp cloths are the prefold cloth diapers. Dont get me wrong, the ones with fabric down the middle, or ribbon along the edge are cute, but nothing beats the uninetrrupted absorbancy of a good gerber prefold.

There are several other good burp cloths out there, the terry cloth ones can hold their own in absorbency but usually not in shape. It's funny to me that burp cloths are designed for cleaning up just such a mess, but they don't seem to do the trick as well as the diapers.

These may be cute, but nothing can beat the classic prefolds

I had a friend today tell me that she held a cup under her baby's mouth at times to catch the spit up, that would have been brilliant for Haley when she was a newborn, but now I don't think she would tolerate it, and she's much less predictable. Just when you think you're safe from spit up, you realize there is a moist spot on your shoulder. (might I add that I have an aversion to the word moist, but that just makes it all the more perfect for describing the all to familiar situation)

Spit up can be such a burden, especially when it marks your jeans in an inconvenient spot, or gets you right down the center of the shirt. But even worst is when it covers your little one in the middle of the night and you are stuck changing a screaming baby at 3 in the morning because her pajamas are soaked.

I guess I really can't complain too much though considering that we were spared from the acid reflux that Zach blessed his parents with, causing them to replace the carpets when he passes the spitting up stage.

So, diapers make great burp cloths. But sometimes the burp cloths are out of reach at the worst moment, and sometimes they're all in the wash. What do I do when burp clots don't cut it? I strap a bib on my breast fed baby and use it to absorb her most recent meal. Silly me to think that the food would actually make it to her tummy. (or maybe silly me for letting her fly around and play upside down so soon after eating)

I thought these would remain tucked safely in the cupboard until Haley started solids, but why let all that absorbency go to waste.

as an added bonus it looks like she's wearing a mexican poncho. How cute is that!

and that my friends works for me. Check out more tips at we are THAT family's blog carnival..

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Cute bibs but the baby is cuter!!