Monday, January 4, 2010

Mom Skills

Haley does not like bottles.

She would rather get her food straight from the source.

But about 3 months after leaving her for the first time to go to my Monday night class I have finally figures out the trick to getting her to take her bottle.

I have not been making it warm enough. My baby likes her bottle HOT!

I am not a fan of pumping, so if milk is heated up for her I like for her to finish it, or at least come close. None of that tossing out 4 oz. of milk business. That way I can pump for next week since she hasn't eaten for 5 hours.

So, when I get home after class and find a half eaten bottle, I am pretty insistent that I feed it to my screaming baby, even if I know she would prefer an alternate method of filling up her tummy. This may seem callous, but I won't always be around to feed her so I need her to be able and willing to eat from a bottle.

So how did I make this recent parenting discovery.

I certainly did NOT test the temperature of her freshly pumped milk using her rectal thermometer (yes the one that I have used in her bottom on several occasions); then use that same thermometer to bring her bottle to the same happy temperature. And I certainly did NOT hold my crying baby while I pumped, just to feed her her bottle minutes later.

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my guardian angel drives a pick up truck said...

You are too funny! One of the kids I was a nanny for had breast milk that her mom would pump. She liked it hot too.