Tuesday, January 19, 2010

5 month milestones

My little girls is 5 months old.

Weight: About 16 3/4 lb.
(I don't know ounces because I'm measuring her weight on the Wii fit. The Wii knows her as a little grey dog names Wallaby).
Height: 26 1/2 in.
(According to this she's still off the charts. I haven't found a great way to measure her though so it could be a bit off. By my first measurement she was 27 1/4 in. I'm having to measure her with a tape measurer on the ground and then transfer her height to the wall since her legs bend so much when she tries to stand.

This is what the past month has been like ... and here are some milestones she's hit along the way.

In the last month Haley has done several things for the first time, she has swung in the baby swing at the playground, sat in her high chair, faced out in her stroller, been thrown in the air by her mommy and daddy, and she's started going to the mother goose story time at the library. She has also saddled up and rode Rudy (our stuffed black lab)

Haley ventured into the snow and had her first Christmas and New Years. She was baptized and saw all of her grandparents, aunts and uncles on the same day.

Haley has accomplished one big task. She can now roll over in all dirctions, left and right, tummy to back and back to tummy. Between rolling and squirming she is really starting to get around.

(She definitely started ON the blanket.

She is a grabber, she loves to run her fingers over fabrics and grab at them repeatedly as she falls asleep, I think the feel of the fabric plus the scratchy noise it makes soothes her. She can grab tiny things (even raisins, I brought a few out just to test this theory). She loves to reach for things and becomes quite determined when she has her mind set on an object. She grabs everything on the table in front of her during meals; she even ripped a page out of Zach's bible while he was reading with her a few weeks ago.

She is starting to pay more attention to books. She reaches for the pages as I turn each one. She loves to sit in my lap while I read and sing to her; both are part of her bedtime routine, also started this month. And, when she lays down to sleep, her little bum finds it's place sticking high up in the air.

She is starting to really recognize Zach and I. There have been several fussy evenings when she will calm down for no one else. It means a little more work on our end, which is unfotunate when there are wiling helpers around, but it's great to be loved and needed. I wouldnt say she has started giving hugs, but she does have sweet snuggly moments. I also love when she flaps her arms in excitement when one of us walks into the room. She seems particularly excited after nap time. She loves to play together.

She has started talking even more frequently and I love the host of babbles, grunts, coos and squeals she issues forth. She has added wet razzing sounds to her repetoi. But my favorite sound of all is her laugh, and the dog like pant she makes when she's laughing, but has not quite worked up to a full on belly giggle.

Haley is getting strong she is getting much closer to sitting on her own, and as always loves to be held in a sitting or standing position. She sits very well when she's propped up on the couch or on the pile of sheets on the bed. She even learned to sit forward in her bouncy seat.

She discovered a new favorite spot; standing behind the cushions of the couch.

My little fishy still loves baths, especially now that she's discovered that she can use her hands to splash the water. I will be excited when she can sit up and move out of the infant tub (which she has practically outgrown) and into the big tub.

She still loves her toes, and is now very close to getting them in her mouth.

Finally Zach wanted me to add that she is feeding herself. When he was offering her a bottle, she would push it away, and then draw it back close, take it from Zach's hand, and stick it in her mouth. She still needed a little assistance, but she is striving towards independence.

It is crazy to me how quickly Haley is growing. I get excited for her to do new things, and encourage her to sit and crawl, but at the same time I want her to slow down, and forever remain my snuggly little baby.

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Lindsay said...

Grow baby grow! After seeing the post about spitting up I thought she'd be a little peanut like mine - be thankful you don't have to worry about that!! (Addie's a big time spitter, too). She's SO adorable and I LOVE that pic of her sitting on the couch with her daddy on the computer :-)