Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Crib Sheets

I hate changing Haley's crib sheets. Especially with the bumper trapping the mattress in, it is such a hassle. Getting the mattress in and out of the crib seems to take a special amount of finess and skill that I have yet to master. Instead I am resigned to bitting my tongue, holding back the swear words that could be easily wasted on inanimate bedding.

So, to keep myself from having to go throug this arduous process every week or two when the sheets need to be washed, I layer Haley's bedding for easy washing.

As my materials I have 3-4 crib sheets and waterproof crib pads.
I remove the mattress and put on 3-4 layers of sheets, placing a crib pad between each layer so they stay clean and dry. Only one crib pad is a fitted sheet, the others just lay flat on top- otherwise it would be difficult to fit them all around the corners.
And voila- A sheet covered mattress that only needs to be removed from the crib about once a month. I just remove the top sheet and mattress pad layer when it needs to be washed. This makes for a less of a struggle on laundry day, and its a soft cozy bed for my little one.
The mattress also makes a fun new play place while it's sitting on the floor.
Happy Mommy- Happy Baby!

I can't take all the credit though, a close friend clued me in to this trick. I was just lucky to have a enough flat crib pads to multiply its effectiveness. And that certainly works for me.

Check out We are THAT family for more fun tips.


Michelle said...

That's an awesome idea! Liam isn't sleeping in his crib yet and I only have one sheet for it but I will definitely keep this in mind for when we move him over.

solstice letters said...

Genius! I have been fighting that battle for two years and that never occurred to me. thank you! thank you!

Teaching Money to Kids said...

Okay, you are totally tempting me to go out and buy bigger pads. I have those little ones, but they just wouldn't do.
I have been trying to teach my five year old how to do the sheets crib sheets for my nearly 2 yr old, ( for money) but alas, they are too hard for her too. But, she can take off old sheets. this may be worth the investment.
Especially since the reason I am having trouble with my sheets,is that I am 4 months pregnant, and not getting smaller.
Something to think about.

Kara @ KSS said...

Good idea Vanessa!! And I love the picture of Haley sitting next to the bunny against the brown chair. Your zoom effects are great. :)