Tuesday, January 12, 2010


On December 3rd Haley was Baptized.

Here are some images of the day.

Haley was o bright eyed while being passed down the row of our family during the entire service. Until about 4 minutes before being baptized. Then she fell asleep. she was OUT!
The family came up to watch.
Josh prayed for her and told the congregation what her name means. Haley- a female hero, Katelyn- pure, Haley Katelyn- Pure Heroine. Finally he dumped water on her head.

And this water needs a little extra explaining. Whenever Josh does a baptism he goes to the nearby creek and prays for the person he is baptizing and scoops up some water (instead of just going to the sink). Zacha nd I wanted to get water from the Jordan, we heard of someone doing that and loved the idea of Haley being baptized with water from the same river that Jesus was baptized in. We even know someone who is going to Israel in the next year.

But there were no guarantees we could get the water, so we settled on getting some water from the camp where we met instead. So the morning of the baptism Zach scooped some water into his nalgene. We then heated it up in the te kettle, since it's mostly snow melt.

Josh did not heat up his water. So even in combination the water was cold.

Very Cold!

Haley was not pleased. Not a pleasant awakening.
Luckily she quickly recovered.
Here is the family who came to see her. All of her grandparents and their escorts, Also her aunt and her boyfriend, and finally her two crazy (and wonderful) uncles.
Zach's side of the family
My side of the family
Our happy family of 3
Jessi did a great job with these photos.
Isn't it hard being adored.

Baby and mama
The ladies
This is us with Josh and Jessi. If Haley were going to have god parents it would be them. They are like family to us, and we usually have dinner with them at least once a week. I am excited for them both to watch Haley grow and for them to speak into her life. They also have 2 kids, a 4 year old boy, and a nearly 2 year old girl who I adore. Apart form Haley they are my favorite 2 kids on the planet. I look forward to watching Haley and them become good friends. (And if Haley grows up to marry their 4 year old I certainly won't complain, It would be fun to have them be real family.)

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