Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Afternoon Hike

     Last Sunday afternoon we decided to go on a hike with our friends who are staying with us for the summer. As we were leaving Zach's mom and brother showed up (they ended their backpacking trip a day early). Brennan decided to join us on our hike, and it was a good thing too since we forgot our hiking backpack in the excitement of the moment.  Haley's buddy Ryann was a champion hiker, backpack and all. Haley did pretty well on her own two feet, but was really slow and easily distracted (I have no idea where she got THAT from), so her dad and uncle took turns carrying her up to the summit. 

Th girls paused for some hugs at the halfway point.  

Haley was not feeling it. 

First family of four hike photo!

Liam rode up the mountain in the moby wrap. I was glad to have an excuse not to carry the squirmy, quickly growing, toddler. 

All the hiking really wore him out. 

After a short fight involving some large sticks the girls were happy to say sorry and give hugs. 

Haley had a delicious snack after it smashed open in the diaper bag and spilled all over the camera. 

Brennan was a bit nervous holding Liam over the jagged rocks. 

I got the girls to stop for a minute so they could stand in this fun hollowed out tree that I love.

The perfect hiding spot.

     Even though I am crazily out of shape it was a lot of fun to hit the trails with the kids. In the 4 years I have lived in the mountains I have not spent a lot of time outside. I am hoping that this summer will be a new beginning of hiking and playing outdoors. I hope to instill in Haley and Liam a love for the mountains and an appreciation for God's creation.
     As a kid I loved Pipi Longstocking. One of my favorite lines describing her was that the mountains please her more than toys do. I hope that this will be true of my kids, that they will find as much or more joy in bugs, flowers, rock walls, and sunsets as they do in blocks, dolls, cars, and TV shows. 


Caitlin said...

Adorable photos of Haley and Ryann! Looks like a fun day--I miss that hike!


Kara @ Just1Step said...

So fun! So exciting to see blog posts again. :)