Monday, June 6, 2011

Haley's Plant

  Haley and I took a trip to the tailgate market that is open on Saturday's all summer long. We bought a tomato plant and a few days later Haley used the gardening tools she got for easter to help me plant it next to her daddy's blueberry bushes. The next week we got a green pepper plant and we planted it with Ryann's help too. I'm hoping to get at least on pepper and one tomato and I will feel like we have an accomplished first garden. With these plants and the blueberries that are already producing fruit Haley will have a green thumb in no time. 


     A funny story: The market is a small gathering of vendors behind a local church. There are about 15-20 little tents set up selling organic local produce, homemade bread, plants, soaps, chocolate and small crafts. We live about 4 blocks away and love to walk to the market to see friends, neighbors, and puppies. especially the really big ones that look like teddy bears. As we walked around the market for the first time this summer Haley enjoyed sampling chocolates, strawberries, and other treats. Then when I turned my back on her to sample some chocolate she reached up to the neighboring table to take one of the treats they were selling, then took a big bite out of it. She looked up at me with a "mommy, this does not taste very good" look. and then I laughed as I pulled the goats milk soap out of her mouth. 
     Do not take things without asking: lesson learned. 

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