Saturday, June 4, 2011

Liam - 1 month

My son is over a month old. Here are some observations from his first month. 
  • He spits up- a lot. And when I say a lot I mean that I have no idea how he is growing at all because he seems to regurgitate his entire meal after every feeding. 
  • He is very gassy. This is probably the only thing, other than hunger, that upsets him. But he kicks his legs and works it out... sometimes very loudly. 
  • He is a bit of a nocturnal creature, usually having his last awake period of the day from around 11pm to 1am. I usually stay up late whit him; we're on a college kid schedule
  • During the night he eats lying down and falls asleep in my arms. His gas and spitting up seem to be less of a problem at night. 
  • He is a noisy sleeper. He breaths very heavily and snores a little. 
  • He makes very sweet noises when he's awake. Especially when he's hungry. 
  • He has a hard time latching on when he eats, he just gets so excited that it's almost time for food that he can't stop shaking his head. 
  • He is content to sit in his bouncy seat for a long time, or even sleep there, but he would rather be in someone's arms. 
  • He has not peed on his mom and dad too many times, but he did manage to get the wall of the midwife's office once when he pooped. 
  • He holds his head up very well. I am amazed at how high he can lift himself off his tummy, especially if he's resting on someone's shoulder. 
  • I adore the way his legs stay tucked up when he is moved from place to place. He managed to latch them around his car seat buckle the first few times I tried to get him out and almost lifted the seat with his grip. 
  • All babies have a startle reflex but his seems to be easily triggered. He is a content but jumpy little guy. 
  • He is not especially fussy and seems to be very well tempered. Is is very patient with his sister and all of her friends who like to bounce him, cover him with blankets, and shove his inky in his mouth
  • He spent the first few days of his life resembling a turtle. Now I think he looks a little like a mouse. 
  • He smiles often. Especially when he's dozing off and you lightly stroke his cheek.
  • He only fit in his newborn clothes and diapers for about a week, and they were quite snug. 
We planned to hold off on giving Liam a pacifier until he was at least a month old lie we did with Haley, but he was constantly acting hungry and then spitting up his food, so we tried to hold him off with a pacifier so he could digest for a little while and keep some food in. If nothing else it gave me a little bit of a break from being a human pacifier.

I love almost nothing more than taking photos of my kids. They are precious to me and I love capturing little moment of their lives to be forever remembered. I love trying to turn everyday moment in to art. Sometimes my pictures seem to be sorely lacking. Other times, when I'm not even expecting it, I will get a picture that makes me smile over and over again, a picture that captures the essence of a moment, a day, a personality, a mood, or a time. With two kids it is a bit harder to set up photos like I did with Haley, but I have still tried to find the beauty in the mundane moments of life. I have never been great with words, so I hope I can tell our story through pictures. I will try to add more of these pictures soon, and hopefully I can set up a few more photos I really want to have in the next few weeks. As someone who would like to one day pursue photography, I hope to take advantage of the moment with my own children to try the ideas I have gathered from other more experienced photographers. 

The 1 month photoshoot. 

I am excited to see how Liam grows compared to a basketball. It will be neat to see him go from being the size of the ball, to being able to palm the ball in his hand. 

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