Wednesday, June 8, 2011


     At work last week we had an awards banquet. Part of the decorations were a long string full of balloons. The perfect opportunity to take colorful photos. Haley wanted to hold them, but she didn't want me to help and she kept letting go. I tried tying the string to her shirt; she didn't like that. I ended up trading back and forth which end I was holding as she fought me for it. 
     While balloons are fun and bring a lot of joy, they also bring tears. It is a blast to watch them float away, but when a toddler realizes they can't have their cake and eat it too, beware the storm of tears. Balloons slip out of fingers, float away, and pop in the grass. So in light of the discovery that balloons are in fact evil. (hang with me here) 2 of my co-workers/ friends started creating an album full of songs about balloons. It is a hilarious undertaking involving Weird Al style lyrics with Jack Johnson style melodies. I think one of these pictures may be the perfect album cover. Enjoy.

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