Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Head strong...

     Liam still hasn't gotten much face time on the blog. He's sleeping in my arms which makes it difficult to type so this will be brief. But I promised more posts and I want to deliver on that promise, even if the attempt is limited, including rough pictures, poor grammar, bad spelling, and general mediocrity. I tend to have big ideas for posts and little followthrough. I guess 2 kids and a job with 8 extra kids will do that to you. And like I said before, some of these pictures and things may be seriously outdated. 

     These pictures are from May 21st. My little guy was not quite 4 weeks old. Now, I may be biased, but I think this is pretty impressive for that age. The kids got major head strength- serious tummy time skills.  I think think this just reinforces the fact that I gave birth to a 1 month old. Yep, a 10 pound 7 ounce one month old. 

     In other news

  • Haley's hair is getting super long and I refuse to cut it yet. So I've been getting more creative with her up-do's. 
  • Liam was 12 pounds at my 6 week check up. His 0-3 month clothes are getting awfully snug.
  • Haley's skills as an artist are drastically improving. She can focus on trying to color a specific character and she is much more intentional about drawing loops instead of just random lines.
  • Liam most recent nickname is puddles, due to the massive amounts of spit up he produces. I'll let you in on some more of the nicknames soon. 
  • Haley has started learning to throw her little basketball. She is quite horrible at it; but it's adorable when she says "weddy" and she loves chasing the ball around.
  • Liam is about the noisiest eater I've ever heard, plus he snores when he sleeps. He is generally just a kid who likes to be heard. (Hmmm.. like's the sound of his own voice- wonder where he gets that from)
  • Haley's vocabulary is rapidly expanding. She's a pro at her body parts, and animal names and sounds. She is quickly learning her colors and types of clothes and we've been starting on numbers. She's also linking words together, especially possessives (Haley's ball, Mommy's key). And she's doing great with the names of her family, her little friends, and the boys. 
  • I have been keeping with running every day (a few days more pitiful than others, even one night of doing butt kicks and high knees down my hallway for 5 minutes, but we'll count it.) Zach joined me one night last week, and my friend at work joined me tonight, it feels good to run with company. Also we're planning to run a 5K this fall. I'm pretty excited to have a goal set. 


Debbie said...

fun stuff, V! to answer your questions...brian is not playing ring this year. in fact, we're taking the year off from ultimate altogether. should be interesting, but we've got lots of fun things planned already so i'm sure it will go by fast!

Lindsay said...

Oh my! That IS impressive head control!! And he really carries that weight well....Nora just looks like a butterball - round head - round belly. LOL!