Saturday, June 11, 2011

Kind of like Sisters

     As I think I've mentioned, we have the pleasure of sharing our home this summer with some of our great friends. Zach has a fellow seminary student/ preacher to discuss theology with. I have a wonderful friend to talk to, laugh with, be motivated by, and learn from. And Haley has a big sister. 
     Having them in our house is a huge blessing. We can share the responsibilities with the kids, allowing for late night ice cream runs, mid day solo trips to the grocery store, and showers with our spouses (all luxuries that can be tricky to come by with little kids). We take turns with cooking and cleaning, meaning a few night off each week. They are wonderful parents who we are constantly learning from, especially since they rock at discipline, they have done an excellent job teaching their 3 year old to listen and obey. They are generally just good people who we enjoy spending time with and learning from. I am so excited to spend our summer together. 
    I think Haley and Ryann are loving this time together the most. These two love playing together. Ryann drags Haley around on her adventures, and Haley looks up to Ryann with wide eyes, ready to copy her every move. They do occasionally fight like sisters, and we are still trying to work out the nap time situation but their days usually consist of playing and laughing together. They play on the swing or in the sandbox, putting on tutu's and dancing around, pulling all the books off the shelves, or pushing their dolls around in their strollers. It is a joy to watch these two play together. 
     These girls are so similar. They are such typical little girls in many ways, and even look kind of like sisters. But, It is a neat to see their differences. God has crafted them as unique individuals, their personalities already shining through and setting them apart. I look forward to watching them both grow up, and seeing how he will use their passions and gifts to advance his kingdom. They both already have so much love to give, and I believe they truly do care about each other. I hope they will always be surrounded with great friends who will bless them as this family has blessed me.

The girls in their elements, Ryann with an arm full of dolls, Haley with a book. 

They love playing together at bath time.

We love our snuggly clean girls who give us sweet hugs and kisses good night. 


Caitlin said...

How cute! It sounds like you all will have a very joyful summer indeed! What a blessing to be able to have friends around for everyone, and sharing the workload sounds like an answer to prayer with a newborn around too. :)


Kara @ Just1Step said...

Aw so sweet!!