Monday, July 11, 2011

The Weekend

Swimming with friends at the community pool. These girls are a blast.

Test driving the BOB ironman duallie.
We have a wonderful double stroller that is a travel system. Perfect for tournaments and long trips etc. (It stores everything you need for a day out and Haley can even take a nap in it) And we have a double jogging stroller. But the plan is to sell the other jogging stroller for this craigslist beauty. I like it's side by side design- to avoid future hair pulling etc., it's great for running (5K training here I come), and perfect for short trips into town. 

Haley put on her brother's shades and grabbed my cell phone. I think she looks like a sorority girl in training.

Liam need a burp cloth everywhere he goes. But this time it looked like a sweet neck beard.

As Haley becomes less clumsy she has been gaining confidence in her physical abilities and she has become much more brave. When she helps pick up the mats at church she will usually "jump" off of them. This entails her crouching down really low, and then stepping off very enthusiastically while saying jump and giggling. But this Sunday she actually started to jump. I was so proud. She has also been consistently tackling slides on her own. (finally!!)

We do not have a driveway. So, in an effort to bring more opportunities to be artistic into Haley's days I created a massive chalk board for her. This is the plywood we got to cover her sandbox in the rain. Move it up to the porch (away from the mosquitoes, and on a flat surface- I should have gotten thicker plywood) and it's a makeshift driveway. This was easy to make- I just sprayed on chalkboard paint by following the can's instructions- it took 2 cans and 3 coats. I love how vibrant the colors are. It has also already been used as a perfect photo prop.

Warning- not for the faint of heart
My son comes by his nick name honestly...
(Don't worry, he have talked to his doctor about his massive piles of spit up. He is gaining weight, smiley and safely in the "normal" range. Personally I think his skills, though not always pleasant, are quite impressive.)

Who you calling puddles?

Exhibit A
Exhibit B

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I love reading your updates, Vanessa. Thanks so much for sharing. :) Keep 'em coming when you have time!