Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Favorites - July

I didn't know squatt about being a successful parent @ Zen family habits

8 tips to getting your kids to listen @ simple marriage

understanding the numbers @ momtog (about DSLR lenses)

The art of non-sexual touch @ simple marriage (holding hands, not just for kids)

Pillow Talk @ Pixel Perfect

Pressing the reset button @ Fast Forward Girl

16 ways to find personal rest @ incourage

How to be a professional mom @ simple mom

behind the scenes of a bento photo @ wendolonia

What I want you to know series @ rage against the mini-van

When I grow up @ enjoying the small things

Should I bring my camera @ The creative mama

Teaching toddlers biblical words @ I"ll think about that tomorrow

Potty training 101 @ a purpose driven home

Why photography @ the creative mama

The glorified truth @ enjoying the small things

speak up! why we should use big words with little kids @ not just cute

When will power is trumped by bad habits @ Zen habits

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