Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pinspired- week2

My Creation:
A thank you card for the diaper shower they threw us at work. Get it, "diaper shower".

This is the one I sent out

It didn't turn out quite as well as I imagined, but I think it is still really cute. And since I lost the sheet saying who gave me which diapers, I figured a blanket e-mail to the staff thanking them for the shower would work. (Plus- I am way behind on thank you notes. I wrote the other ones about a month ago, and then finally addressed envelopes last week. Now I just need to get stamps and actually put them in the mail. But, I guess it's better then the one's that are still sitting around from when Haley was born, or the ones for her first birthday that were never written.) I may do another one that just says thank you to send out with all the belated thank you cards. This would also make a cute birth announcement for a newborn, just add birth stats.

My Inspiration:

When I saw this one I got the idea to hang diapers from an umbrella. Only problem, Liam can't sit up, or hold an umbrella.
I lost the link to this first picture, because I saved it on my desk top instead of actually saving it to pinterest. That's what I always did with my inspiration before discovering pinterest. My desktop appreciates that site. And I appreciate having the permalinks permanently linked to each inspiring photo.
This gave me the idea to apply the first idea to chalk. 

What has been inspiring you lately...
oh, and tomorrow (hopefully) I'll be putting up pictures from week 3's pinspiration. 

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Faith said...

This is so cute and what a good idea!