Thursday, July 14, 2011

VBS & Sole Hope

I grew up going to Vacation Bible School every summer. We would travel to South Georgia for a week at my Nana's house and VBS at her sweet southern baptist church. WE had friends there that we would see each summer as we joined our cousins for a week of bible stories, crafts, and songs. 
This Monday I was volunteering at our VBS. For the past 3 summers I have organized my churches tent in our community VBS event. It was great to just be a volunteer this summer. But the best part was bringing Haley along. in 09 I was very pregnant during VBS, and last year Haley stayed home with her dad. But this year I went with Liam strapped in his moby wrap, and dropped Haley off in childcare with her friends. They had the opportunity to explore. They saw the performance, met a horse and a donkey, did crafts, and went to the egyptian marketplace. 
I am excited for Haley to grow up being a part of this event. I look forward to seeing what she gets to experience each year, and seeing what new things she learns bout Christ. But for this year it was just fun to watch her and her little friends get herded around the primary school where VBS was hosted as they took in a whole new experience. 

The big project the kids did this year was cut out fabric for shoes for children in Africa through the organization Sole Hope. Since the little ones have not mastered scissors, they got to decorate fabric, which will be turned into cute little shoes to protect the feet of children half way around the world. 

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