Thursday, July 14, 2011

Pinspired- week 1

I have been inspired by pinterest.

Pinterest is a place to bookmark ideas and find inspiration. I could spend hours happily looking at pages of the things people found interesting enough to share. However, if I am going to spend this much time sucked into it's images, I need to make sure I act on the inspiration. So for the next year I want to create something or try something i've bookmarked at least once a week.

I got the idea from a blog I like to read. The author joined a flicker group where people are posting pictures of their creations, style choices, and cooking experiments based off of ideas they found on pinterest.

So each week I encourage you other bloggers out there to write about what you're doing and share your creative inspirations here.

My first pinterest-inspired craft project is an airplane, made from a cardboard box.

My Creation: 

We received a shipment in a big box and i knew I wanted to turn it into something. I was deciding between car, plane, and play kitchen.  I looked online for ideas and decided to try the plane. I added some buttons for the girls to play with. (I hope to add numbers to the buttons on the left and some sort of steering wheel). The front propeller is attached with a cooking skewer held on by rubber bands. Haley didn't like the plane at first, and tried to rip off all the pieces of paper. But since I've made it she has gotten better at pretending (I think playing with her buddy helped her learn).
Also I just cut slits for the wings and tail. They fall out easily when both girls are playing, but it also helps with storage when the girls are done playing.

My Inspiration: 

Being Inspired by pinterest works for me

I hope you all will join me in linking up to share which ideas you've tried from pinterest. For more pinspiration check back next Wednesday.

( I am trying to get a linky with thumbnails set up, but in the meantime you can leave a link to your blog in the comments section.)


Meghan said...

I've just started using Pinterest too. I love that you used you inspiration to create something...and something really cute at that!

LivingSoAbundantly said...

I feel the same way! There are so many things out there I want to try. :) My friend and I started a new meme last week about giving back, after finding ideas on-line or elsewhere.

Caitlin said...

Way to go, Vanessa! I spend way too much time looking at things on Pinterest to not use some of the ideas for something. I'm sure more will come when we move home, but now I can't really spend money on things that I need to do some of the things I've found. I'm thinking specifically of the nutella cupcakes I pinned the other day--I have no muffin pan, and shouldn't spend money on something I can only use for another month and a half.
Can't wait to see what else you end up doing!

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