Friday, July 1, 2011

Haley's Boyfriend part 2

i know I promised more pictures of Haley and her buddy a few days ago, and I'm sorry it took so long, but here they are. Hopefully the computer problems are over now that we have a new power cord. Now if only I could add a few extra hours to each day.

Haley's buddy is really not her boyfriend at all. In fact he's the grandson of my boss He is about 6 months older than Haley. They don't see each other often, but when they do they get along swimingly. I don't know if they've ever said two words to each other, or if they even know each other's names, but they are still buddies.

The beach retreat a year ago

This year at the Valentines Day dance

They were dancing together for several minutes, once they started they didn't really know how to stop until he eventually decided he wanted to let go. 

At the pre-beach retreat last month

Haley was playing on the basketball court. It was time to go so her buddy took her hand to lead her off. Then they kept walking together around the picnic pavilion, ad into the grass. Haley was content to follow his lead, even though I'm not sure either of them really knew where they were going. 



Kara @ Just1Step said...

Aw that's so sweet!! Very cute pictures.

Alyce said...

this has to be the cutest thing i've ever seen babies do.