Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Standing and the bear crawl!

This little explorer stood up all by herself today, nothing to help her but the grass beneath her toes! She didn't last long but she did get off her hands and knees. She was playing in the kiddie pool and went off to explore. I finished talking to one of the boys and turned too see her standing for a moment.
She also started crawling bear style. Adorable!

I think she may take her first steps by her first birthday. She's definitely trying to use her feet. As with most of her milestones she's not ahead of the game, but not behind either. Part of me wishes she was a super baby who hit each milestone early. But there always seems to be someone's kid who develops quicker. I have come to realize that I don't need Haley to be ahead of the curve to be satisfied, I just need her to be herself. I am starting to really take pleasure in Haley's leisurely place about things. I for one am impressed by her new accomplishments when they happen, even if others think she is slow to achieve certain tasks. I like that Haley does it all in her time. I like that she is laid back, she asserts her independence, but is in no rush to grow up too fast. I hope this lasts.

Also, I think she looks really cute in her little swim suit, unfortunately it's a little too small.

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My name is Caroline said...

This is so so sweet! Yay for Haley! Dustin and I want Julip to slow down... we want to still cradle her and easily carry her about... but they grow too fast! I can't believe Haley will soon be a year old!!!