Friday, July 9, 2010

Camping and more!

Playing in her kiddie pool at the home. She crawled out of it almost every time we put her in.

She loved standing on the outside and splashing.

Hanging out at cosmic with grandpa

Then playing in his office after being shown off.

aren't volleyballs fun!

Then it was back to gramma's house to climb the stairs and practice giggling.

Haley made a fashionably late appearance at Cortney and Mark's wedding. I love her polka dot dress.

Then we went camping with the boys. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures of our sleeping arrangement. We took one half of the Biltmore tent. Haley was wedged in a corner between the walls of the tent, a laundry basket and mommy and daddy's pillows. She slept pretty well there at night, but nap time was a bust since there was so much in the tent to explore.

Even on camping trips babies still get good eats

Montana and Brandon came to visit. Haley was pretty happy about it, but Montana was even more excited to meet Haley. I'm just glad that they might move up here soon.

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