Thursday, July 29, 2010

10 Month Update

10 Month Developments
Weight:19.6 lbs.

Fish Face: Haley started pursing her lips in a hilarious and adorable way, we call it the "Haley face" or her "Ryann fish face".

Bath Time: Playing with toys in the bath is fun. Haley also had her first bubble bath.

Playing with Daddy: flying, swinging, upside down time, shoulder rides, and holding onto the fence, all by herself! I adore my little monkey :)

Haley's first wedding: She did the YMCA an laughed when the music made her "shout" above the crowd. She also squirmed through the entire ceremony. I was a little jealous of the other babies sitting contentedly in their mother's laps. But the dancing made up for it, and she was a trooper as we danced deep into the night, and then got lost on the way home.

Haley & friends: Haley loves playing with (or beside) her friends already. My favorite, her fascination with Krew's belly button.

Chow Time: Haley ate some fresh blueberries with her dad. She would make a sour face and then squeal for more. When a food has a new texture she will spit it out into her hand and look at it while she squishes it between her fingers.

Sippin' on apple juice: ... laid back, with her mind on her peach puffs and her peach puffs on her mind.
In in attempt to get Haley to figure out the whole sippy cup thing we got her some apple juice, and a new cup with a straw. Neither was a success. (but she does like chewing on her large variety of sippy cups)

Play Time: Playing with the Thomas trains at Barnes & Noble. I would slide them down the slope, she would pick them up, look at them , and drop them on the floor to pick up the next one. Stacking colors with Rebecca. Legos at the fancy Nancy birthday party at play group. The car seat box tunnel and ball pit I made her.

Escape Artist: Our fancy new way of keeping our crawling Haley out of the places she doesn't belong (i.e. the kitchen cabinets and the bottom of the book shelves in the dining room) is to place a chair between the 2 couches. She loves to stand at boundaries edge peering into her forbidden territory, occasionally dropping a toy beyond reach and squealing for attention to get it back, or showing off with some bouncing. On rare occasions this little Houdini will sneak past the chair and pillow, under the edge of the futon, and into the forbidden land of books to pull off of shelves, and snacks left on the floor from lunch. She loves to be clever.

Snuggle time: Daddies are great for snuggling, pushing, and showing off teddy bears. I love the way she picks at the fur on her little animals.

Little Hands: These little hands love to pick and explore. They can even reach each other over Haley's head. She is getting "So Big"! When she found the fake flowers we knocked under the table she had a blast picking them apart, I was so glad that Zach grabbed the camera. At the home the kids are sweet enough to share their silly bandz with eager fingers.

Booger Butt: Haley is affectionately called Booger Butt by one of her big brothers at the home. Most of the kids call her Haley Bug. This is her smiling when he calls her name. She gets to go to a lot of picnics in the pavilion and meet a lot of fun people when we're on shift. She loves to show off for her many admirers.

Fun Days: Peaking out the window of a high hotel. Helping mommy with some more laundry (she got mad when I put her down). Her first visit to camp, and claiming her spot on the Seminole sign.

Exploring and Snuggling: Haley learned to push the buttons on her mobile. She also played a lot more with her pop up friends. She went to her first lingerie shower. Went to a big church in Houston with her friend Julip. She played with Siera while all the ladies pampered themselves for a wedding. And she got big hugs from her uncle Brennan when he took a break from hiking the AT.

Congratulations Graduates: My Grad school graduation was mid May, but I went to a wedding instead. So to say congrats to all of my classmates that I went through the program with Haley got dressed up and picked out a book. She wanted to send this message "Yay, you". I am glad that the program is over and that I will no longer have a weekly Monday night commitment but I will miss the wonderful ladies that I got to work with. I'm not a big fan of group projects, but I did enjoy hearing all their stories and meeting some ladies who love their jobs, love their kids, and love Jesus.

Other Developments:

Haley learned to take off her diaper. She's always wearing shorts or bloomers now.

Haley started throwing fits. I thought we had a few years before that happened, or at least a few more months, but she started throwing herself on the floor and squealing to get her way. Oh, depravity, you are apparent so early.

Haley started to become attached to her blankie. She will reach for it and hug it close to her, especially when it's time for a nap or time to go to bed. She is not attached to her pink elephant yet despite my efforts. I guess there's still a chance she will be later on. She will hug some of her other stuffed animals, it's sweet to see her loving on something. She's also becoming more attached to Zach and I. She is hesitant to let others hold her. She will chase us down if we leave the room, which included chasing us into the bathroom. She even gets in "mama moods" where she won't even go to Zach. Sometimes it's a pain to not be able to pass her off when I have other things to do (like take a nap) but I do love to feel needed, important, and loved.

This month for the first time Haley: played kickball (with one of her buddies from the home), ate brownies that my mom made, and took a shower with daddy.

Her hair is starting to look a little red. Since my mom has red hair I'm hoping it will stick. Her hair is mostly brown but she could end up as a strawberry blond. I'm anxious to see what she will look like when she's big, and I love that occasionally she'll have expressions that give me a small glimpse into her future.

On June 1st I was changing Haley's diaper when she clapped for the first time. She was so proud of herself so to celebrate we clapped some more.

Haley is still working on her walking skills. She cruises all along the furniture and zooms down the hall with the help of her shopping cart.

In June Haley got her first top tooth, with the second one close behind.

She started to imitate adults more. She tries to say mama, dada and bye bye. She will even blow you a kiss (although it's usually after you're walking out of the door).

Haley keeps getting cuter and I realize that my capacity for love get's bigger every day. I love watching her do things, see things, and experience things for the first time. She is my delight.

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