Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4h of July Celebration!

Haley's first 4th of July was great.
She started the morning by picking berries with her daddy. She got dressed up for church, and found some of her friends who were also decked out in red white and blue. They all looked adorable.
That afternoon it was off to the town pool where she swam in her new penguin float and she explored the mushroons and spray spouts.
We were all ready to head out on a hike up craggy, but there was an emergency at work so Haley stayed behind with her daddy to get a good night of rest for the next morning.
On Monday morning the guys we work with helped deck out Haley's stroller for the campus bike parade. Haley's stroller was decorated with balloons streamers, and flags, she even but on her flag sandals (although those only lasted about 20 seconds before she ripped them off her feet)
The parade was followed by some competitive games (i.e. potato sack and wheel barrow races) and a cookout. Haley didn't make it through all of the festivities, but she loved the beads she got t the parade. And, when they handed out awards for the most spirt, most creative, and most patriotic, Haley got a special award, sash and all, for being the "little parade princess".

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