Monday, March 15, 2010

teeth, freckles, and big girl pajamas

Haley now has two teeth, the second one poked through on Saturday. I tried so hard to get pictures of her teeth, but she did not want to reveal her new choppers. I probably took about 100 pictures just trying to get 1.

Here's the best I could get. (It's blurry, but at least you can see her first tooth)

On Sunday night at Zach's basketball game one of the other moms commented on Haley's 2 teeth. I though I had seen it Saturday, but after hearing another mom confirm it, I raced over to Haley (someone else was holding her) stuck my finger in her mouth, and knew for sure that her second tooth had arrived.

Haley also has two freckles. I discovered the second one today.

In trying to get Haley to laugh, she had a fun time flying with Daddy! She had a big smile the whole time (although not big enough to reveal her pearly whites. )

Tonight Haley also wore her big girl pajamas (it's sad that my month old is almost too big for her 12 month pj's. I still manage to get her into most of her 9 month clothes though, because I'm just not willing to accept that she is growing so fast). While in her big girl pj's Haley tried to pull herself to standing in her crib. She was so close, then her daddy helped her with her feet a little, and she did it.!

Tomorrow the crib gets lowered!

To end, a picture of her giving her daddy Haley kisses

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caroline said...

Wow Vanessa! It is CRAZY to think that in just six months little Julip will be where Haley is! Two teeth and two freckles!!! Standing up in her crib!!! Out growing 9 month clothes! WOW! I can't even believe it! I love looking at your blog, by the way! :)