Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Diaper Bag 101

Before Haley was born my sister went with me to Babies R Us to pick out a diaper bag. I wanted a messenger bag with lots of pockets. I also wanted one that was not excessively girly so Zach could carry around without feeling too emasculated.

I decided on the JJ cole collections system bag. I love this bag but sometimes I wish it were bigger. Luckily they have released an updated version, the system 180, with has an additional main compartment. These bags comes with a matching changing pad and a pacifier pod. They also have an insulated bottle pocket (which I just use as another side pocket) a cell phone pocket and an ipod pocket

I love all of the organizing pockets

My diaper bag packing list:

In the front pocket/ side pockets of my bag you will find
a few dollars- in case I forget my real wallet and we're out somewhere and need $
my cell phone
my iPod
bookmarks for my book club- to pass out to people I meet at story time or play group, or even when I'm eating out.
a little pen
a tiny notepad, scrap paper, or sticky notes
hand sanitizer
gas drops
tylenol- especially when Haley's teething or about to get vaccinated
at least one pacifier- If I'm going out of town I stash about 3 so I can always find one easily, this is especially handy when we're driving and the bag is stashed behind my seat. I have mastered the are of the one handed binky retrieval.
mine and Haley's sunglasses,
nail clippers for me and for Haley-I always seem to be out of the house when I realize Haley's nails are getting too long, or mine are starting to scratch her
my wallett
A light blanket- for swaddling or nursing
burp cloths- I like to have 2 or 3, at least one is easily accessible emergencies

In the main compartment of my bag you will find:
a changing pad
my stocked wipes case
2 cloth diapers
4-6 disposable diapers
grocery bags for used diapers or wet clothes- the little duck has baggies too and can double as a toy for distracting wiggly babies
my camera- I like to pack the one that has the video camera in case something exciting happens while we're out, also it is a bit lighter than my SLR
a change of clothes
a jacket- even if it's warm outside you never know if your destination will be drafty
a few toys- pick quiet toys like stuffed animals or teething rings if you are going to a restaurant, a movie or somewhere else that requires quiet play
Aquaphor healing ointment- for diaper rash and for keeping baby's faced from getting chapped by the cold winter wind
extra socks and hats (both warm hats and sun hats)- these things get lost and forgotten easily
a small tube of diaper rash cream
thermometer- a paranoid mom's best friend
sunscreen- for mom and for baby
tampons and breast pads (or regular pads for the first few outings postpartum)
snacks for mom

Now that Haley is starting solids it's time to pack a bib, washcloth, spoon, mini-bowl, and food.

Also, If you are using formula or are pumping you will probably want to include a bottle or two.

What has been a diaper bag essential for you? Mom's with older babies, what should I add to my bag soon?

This packing list works for me- for more tips this week check out Rocks in my Dryer.


Michelle said...

That's my diaper bag too! Except ours is orange, tan and blue. I love it-- especially the stroller straps. Those are awesome.

SkylarKD said...

I had a diaper bag stocked like this, too. We're going to welcome baby #2 next month, and I wonder how much I'll pare it down - I'm so used to the comparative freedom of traveling with a toddler and not carrying so much around!

Jenny said...

I wanted one like that too (not to girly, pockets, etc) but I couldn't find one. So I ended up buying a CONVERSE bag. It works perfectly! And there is room for my wallet and keys ;)