Saturday, March 6, 2010

Baby Shower

Last weekend I had the pleasure of co-hosting a baby shower for a friend who is expecting. I really enjoyed planning games and activities. Overall I was pleased with how things went (even though very few of the activities went as I expected)

My only disappointment was that I planned to record a CD of all the guests reading books to Imogen. It would have been to noisy to record stories inside so I set up a station outside. No one ended up making recordings since it was cold. I really wish I could have made that CD for Imogen of all the people who love her already reading to her. Hopefully I'll find another way.

The other hosts put together a delicious spread of food and punch. The company was wonderful, and it was great to join several others in praying for the little life that will be with us soon.

I have put together a little scrap book of the shower for my friend, (a fun way to have pictures of the event and a record of all her gifts) Also, I created a few extra slides for all of you, including pictures of Haley at the shower and a mini tutorial on how to make a diaper cake.

All of these slides were created on power point. I then printed them 2 per page, cut them out, and pasted them (along with the slides that listed which gifts came from which guests) into a little photo book for the new mama. She now has a baby shower momento as well as a gift list to keep or write thank you notes from.

Planning this shower was a blast, but putting the book together was wonderful too, I love doing cute crafty things to make other people feel special. I just wish I could bring all of my ideas to fruition. I'm glad that with this one I was able to follow through.

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Kaysi said...

I love diaper cakes!! They are so fun. My friend is having a baby soon, I should try this. Thanks for the idea!