Thursday, March 11, 2010

Haley's 7 month photo shoot

10 things that are obvious from this photo shoot/ post...

1. I am really bad at making decisions (hence several almost identical pictures oh Haley in her white dress)
2. My baby has an irresistable one tooth grin
3. I am so glad I decided to buy Haley the owl shirt and skirt I saw at target a few month ago, my golly it's a cute outfit
4. Haley does not like to wear hats
5. Haley does not like getting attacked by her blanket
6. Haley does like paper, especially paper she can chew and crinkle
7. Haley is easily bribed to look at the camera by things that look shiny or make neat noises
8. Haley can quickly turn her frown upside down (see #7)
9. I am still suffering from mommy brain (I put the pink blanket in the wrong pictures for trying to be consistent with last month.
10. Taking pictures of your baby, and capturing all of their expressions and gestures, is about the greatest way to spend the day; especially if you spend a lot of time snuggling afterwards.

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