Friday, August 6, 2010

More from Graveyacarridherrd Fields

As I said in my last post last Friday we took a trip with the home to Graveyard fields. Here are pictures of our day.

To start the trip we went straight to the blueberry patch. Haley had a great time helping me find ripe blueberries. I had been putting them in a bucket, but once I took Haley out of her backpack she made it clear that their appropriate spot was in her mouth. We sat next to one bush and she helped me pick the spot dry, so we headed across the path and into another spot rich with berries.

Daddy came too to help Haley find the bluest berries of all. She grabbed them from the branches and from our hands, with her fingers and her mouth. When it comes to blueberries she is dedicated.

As we hiked down to the waterfall Zach gave me lovely orange flower. Haley quickly stole it from my ear and began to pick it apart one pedal at a time. She also tried really hard to put it back on my ear once only about 1/3 remained. Her arms weren't quite long enough.

Down at the waterfall Haley and I watcher several of the kids jump off of a rock into the water and then swim around. I was worried that the water would be too cold for her to enjoy. We eventually found a little pool of water that was shallow, isolated from the larger pool, and that had been warmed by the son. Haley was blissful.

Her first order of business was to pick up all the little rocks in the water and place them on the larger rock out of the water. I think she would have done this for hours if we could have stayed.

Next, she did some serious exploring.

Finally, She decided she was thirsty and she needed a drink.

Zach did the honors of carrying Haley back to our meeting spot when the time arrived. I was glad that I had her for the downhill part of the trip, especially since there were so many stairs. Zach didn't mind since he got to so some intense maneuvering around the rocks.

Haley Finally Got some real juice. (instead of possible infested, unfiltered, creek water)
We had a picnic by the buses before driving home. One of our guys crawled under the bus to escape the sun, he looked like a bug taking shelter under a rock.

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