Monday, August 9, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday: Slip 'n' slide

Here are 2 recent pictures of haley and I.
The first is not a great photo but it's from a wonderful day. Our bums are both very wet from going down the giant slip 'n' slide they set up at work. It's over 100 feet of tarp stretching down a fairly steep hill. I took one of my kids to a meeting and returned just as they were finishing up. Since the slide had pretty much cleared off I got to take Haley down the lower half 3 times. The first time we ended up going a little too slow and it was more of a scooting trip. But the next 2 times Haley had a big smile on her face as she sped down the hill. It is definitely something she'll want to do again.
The second is from dinner with Zach and my mom. After an afternoon of packing boxes we went out for a nice meal. Haley was very cheerful and we enjoyed laughing together over noting in particular. She is delightful.

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