Friday, August 20, 2010

The Beach- A Photo Story

2 weeks ago we went to the beach with Haley's grandpa. Her 2 uncles, great aunt and uncle, grandma, and British grandpa also joined in the fun. It was a great week :)

Haley got an early birthday present. We turned her car seat around and let her ride to the beach like a big girl.

When we arrived we went straight to the sand to play.

Haley was happy to see her grandpa! (aka papa, aka OPA!)

She was much less timid about the waves this time around.

After playing in the sand we stripped her down and hosed her off. She was a bit unsure of the hose.

Haley spent a lot of time on the stairs and she learned to turn around and go down feet first.

Grapes, seashells, and the ocean!

I love the sweat bubbles on her nose. Irresistible!

New beach toys. Another early birthday gift.

While we were there Haley learned a new trick. I gave her a bite of my cereal, she looked at me and signed "more". Someone has been paying attention.

Playing in the waves with uncle Josh.

More playtime with the uncles. We followed her as she crawled up the beach along the edge of the waves. It was a blast to watch her entertain groups of people watching the ocean from their lawn chairs.

Sweet shades!

Polka dot girls

Little Swim suites out to dry.

I love how she folds up her legs when the waves come in.

Always the entertainer.

Yellow polka dots courtesy of my mama.

An adventure with the grandparents.

All snuggled after getting wet.

My Fresca!

Bocci at the beach.

Giggling at Grabby

Playing in the sunset and "I want my momma"

Discovering the bocci balls. She was very disappointed that they were not easy to pick up.

This girl loves the sand.

Our little Family

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My name is Caroline said...

This post made my week!!! The pictures are fantastic! Y'all caught some GREAT ones of little Haley by alone but some other fantastic ones of the family! I love this! Thank you for sharing the fun!