Saturday, February 20, 2010

Putting the Bean to Bed

In January we started a simple sleep routine with Haley. It has been very effective, and it is also simple. The routine takes less than 5 minutes (this does not include baths, massages, putting on a fresh diaper and pajamas, and eating, which are not always precursors to bed time, and sometimes happen much earlier or not at all.)

Haley usually goes down between 9:15 and 9:45, It just depends on how the day has gone with naps, and her eating schedule.

Here is the routine...

We sit in her glider together. I read Haley a bible story from the Beginners Bible. (which she usually tries to eat)

I pray over her for her and for us as her parents. I sing her a song or two and put her in her crib with her binky and playing the music on her mobile. I then rub her back and give quiet shhh's until she rests her head, or if she's really fighting sleep I just walk away, knowing I will soon be back to re-administer her pacifier and give her one last night-night kiss. Luckily even on fussy nights that tends to do the trip.

Haley is great about Zach or I putting her to bed. She usually will not cry for more than about 7 minutes before putting herself to sleep. There are of course exception to this, like nights when her teeth are coming in strong and she screams for hours; or nights where we are out late as a family and the sleepy routine is to transfer her as carefully as possible from car seat to crib.

Of course once the bean is in bed I become incredibly productive knowing I have a few uninterrupted hours (mind you my version of productive on some days is just reading a lot of blogs, or catching up on a tv show I've been following online.)

You win insomnia... you always do!


Such The Spot said...

I know exactly how those incredibly productive hours go...

But good for you that you have a system that works for you when she's so young. We did something similar with my youngest and now, at 3, he's a GREAT sleeper!

Sarah @ said...

Good for you finding a system that works! It's taken us, um, seven months to finally strike a balance that works for all of us.

I'm sure that'll change in, like, three days =P