Monday, February 1, 2010


We have discovered some really cute books for our little goose. I have especially enjoyed reading her books from the Gossie and Friends series by Olivier Dunrea. I am excited because there are several more books in the series and I have just discovered some multi media books complete with tabs to pull and flaps to lift.

So far we have read Gossie, and Gossie & Gertie. Gossie, the main character is a cute goose who loves to wear red boots. The illustrations are simple but lovely and the characters are endearing. When Haley starts asking for the same book to be read to her night after night I think repeated reading of this series will be easy to tolerate. The little goose who graces each age makes me smile again and again. I look forward to reading Ollie, Peedie, and other books by Olivier Dunrea
Gossie and Friends Board Book Set
(click to purchase at Amazon, or link to other books in the series)
Gossie & Friends: Gossie Plays Hide and Seek

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