Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Haley House

Introducing the Haley House

My wonderful mom in law just bought a new house (well technically I guess she's buying it on the 12th) but it's a lovely 5 bedroom home on about 10 acres of land. It's going to be a great place for Haley to visit as she grows up. A wonderful place for her to call gramma's. There are 2 barns, several fields, and all sorts of exciting things to explore. But, best of all, there is a little play house... the Haley House!

I am excited to help Haley decorate it with little curtains and old pots and pans. I am excited to watch her imagination bloom as she plants flowers around it like gramma and as she pretends to be mom to her dolls and her future siblings or cousins. I am excited to watch her drag her dad and uncles into her little world so she can serve them mud pies and make believe tea.

It is exciting to see a new home and to imagine all of the memories that will one day fill the now unfamiliar rooms. It is exciting to anticipate all of the smiling, laughing, and even the tears that will happen there, strengthening our bonds as a family. It is even exciting to dream of the independence Haley will gain playing in her little house, and exploring the fields beyond it, that will one day lead her away from us and into a true home of her own.

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