Thursday, October 8, 2009

screaming mandrake and other Haley look-a-likes

Over the past 2 months Zach and I as well as several family members and friends have been discovering several things that Haley looks like or acts like, here is a list of a few. 

She makes silly faces like this guy.

She has the same favorite spot as the baby gorilla.

She's the size of a Wallaby (9-22 lbs.)

Her sweet startle reflex makes her look like this monkey... or a rapper. 

She yawns like a lion.

She has cute little frog lefgs when she gets all scrunched and snuggled. And when I put her in her wrap a lot of times one leg is tucked up, and the other is hanging out. 

Zach says she looks like a baby ewok.

Justin and Anna said she looks like a mandrake. When she's screaming and her face is all scrunched she really does. 

When we pass her off and her shoulders are high I think she looks at you like baby Simba, or baby Kiara, being presented by Rafiki.

She rolls around on her back like this polar bear.

Finally, right before she spits up on you she looks at you with bright eyes like this cute alien baby from men in black. 

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Kara @ KSS said...

I had no idea you had a baby blog, too!! How sweet!!! :) Haha I love your comparisons to Haley.

So yesterday I got this giant tub of baby boy clothes off of Craigslist for $ really had tons of stuff in it. Then today I found myself wondering, "So...exactly how many clothes DO I need? Is this enough? What do I need more of? What do I register for???"

So...if you have any advice in that department, it would be GREATLY appreciated. :)