Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Haley Visits the Zoo

We were in DC for a night, after Zach and Josh Torrell went to the U2 concert. We decided to spend the day at the zoo.
A few things I realized
I love the idea of a free zoo, I'm pretty sure if I lived in DC I would run through there as my exercise routine. And if I had older kids I would go all the time and visit new animals each week (since most kids can't last through the whole zoo in one day, even we couldn't.
There are some seriously high tech strollers out there. Fancy double strollers with a place for older kids to stand, and ones that can carry a weeks worth of clothes, food and diapers.
They really do have lines across the top of the zoo where the Orangutans can travel overhead (unfortunately they didn't travel on them while we were there)

The guys were dressed the same, which I thought was pretty funny. But here they are pushing Haley into the zoo for the first time. Since it's so difficult to find parking in DC, getting there was no easy task. We took the subway... which you would think was easy, but it has the longest escalator I have ever seen in my life, which just so happened to be broken at the time, and operating only as stairs. I was very thankful that Haley's uncle Tyrone helped carry her.

These are all in reverse order, but that's alright. The lion was the last animal we saw before leaving. I really like how proud he looked. He had been making some crazy noises while w were watching the Tiger, but by the time we got to him he was calming down. Unfortunately Haley was not calming down, so we knew it was time to go.

The Tiger is Josh's favorite big cat. I could see why. He was crazy eyes, and looks like he could devour me in about 2 seconds. He spent most of his time pacing back and forth on the edge of his moat. Towards the back of his habitat it definitely looked like he would have a route to escape if he wanted to. Luckily he was not in the mood.

I took Haley for a quick tour or the reptile house when she woke up, we saw poisonous frogs, which were quite beautiful, large turtles, and an anaconda

I just love Elephants

She was tired

Haley decided to sneak a peak too.

She's so sweet resting with her dad

These Elephants are great! The zoo is building them a huge new habitat.

This baby gorilla was born earlier this year. I could have watched her for hours.

Haley liked watching her too.

She likes to snuggle with her mom just like Haley does

She is definitely a little monkey, climbing all over the place.

Haley is happy after a nice meal

Our attempt at a family photo, Haley hasn't been thrilled about these so far.

Quick glimpse of the panda

Zach's watching this guy pretty intently

This beautiful guy was cleaning himself pretty contently, almost like a house cat. Only his paws are huge! his teeth too.

I really like the zebra's mohawk

This sloth bear was so cute, he was pacing back and forth never really getting any closer.

We finally found an animal that's Haley sized. A Wallaby.

The cheetah was beautiful. But was also another animal I think would have no problem escaping if it wanted to.

And this is why. It can go from the yellow line to Zach in one second. wow!

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