Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nursery Art

Being a stay at home mom gives me lots of time to be crafty again. Well a little time at least.
I love to paint. I haven't done it much in the past few years but I have missed it. Rebecca and Jessi made Haley a beautiful alphabet painting for her nursery. They had the fun idea of doing a flower painting with the same colors at the baby shower. It was a great idea that didn't go so well. After the baby shower we re-painted it and Jessi started to create paintings more in line with her original vision. However, time want by and it just wasn't happening so I took the canvases home to finish on my own. I found some green and pink paint and painted the canvases solid colors. Then I spent hours looking for ideas online and trying to decide which ideas to pursue. i ended up using the design from stationary I found online for the first canvas, and mimicing the pattern for the second. I also decided to paint Haley's name on the canvases. I traced them in pencil first and painted over in opposite colors. I thin they turned out pretty well. My next project are some high contrast paintings since Haley loves the mobile over her changing table with all the black, white and red images.
Rebecca taught me to crochet, and by looking at videos online, and with more instruction from Rebecca I have improved my knitting skills beyond the basic stitch. It was been great to have a simple craft to do with my hands. We have been traveling a lot with Zach playing frisbee and I love having something to do while sitting in the passenger seat. Also crocheting is great because it is easy to do with Haley sleeping in my arms, and I can easily put it down at any point if she gets fussy. So far I have only made dish cloths and hats. I taught myself to make cute baby hats (that look slightly like witch hats) and after re-starting about 6 times I made a beanie for Zach. I am looking forward to creating blankets and other new things for all of the babies that are due soon.

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Bethan said...

those paintings are so great! also, what hats!!! i paid WAY too much for similar hats for my boys at a crafts fair recently, wish i would have known then that you had such skills. i'm very impressed. keep that craftiness up. it will definitely keep you from going insane.